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On 18 September I opened a new exhibition "The Empty Place Within" at Chelsea Gallery, Old Town Hall, London, which explored today's human spirit in this fast-paced world.  

The exhibition is inspired by people that I have encountered offline as well as by social media. It centres on the inner condition of today's individuals, often immersed in self-obsession, inner battles and careful curation of beautiful facades of their personalities. Sorry to disappoint but I am not offering thrilling escapism. Also, I am not aiming to judge or moralise. I am rather inviting the viewer to face the reality, acknowledge one's inner state and be true to oneself. 

I seek to capture emotions through the fusion of abstract and figurative images. Highlights of the exhibition? Here are some references to a few of the artworks: "My head gets stuck in the sand and I grow in the darkness of hatred. I think I smile and sparkle but in reality my stiff smile just shows my bitterness. I crouch and burn as soon as I realise the road I'm on doesn't lead me where my heart is. The time is ticking! Shouldn’t I pull myself together?"

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