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"Some weekends in London are definitely brighter than others", – I think to myself whilst admiring radiant colours of the bubbly circles on the wall at Roy's People Art Fair. These sculptures have come all the way from the South of France – I learn that when the artist Carol Bruton starts telling me about how swimming in the Mediterranean Sea evokes creativity in her.

Carol Bruton at Roy's People Art Fair 2018

I wonder if you combine art with other professional activities. Are you a full-time artist?

Yes, I am a full time artist, although it has taken many years to get to this point.

How did you come up with the idea to use ocean, sunlight and swimming as a source of inspiration?

I live in the South of France and am an all year round swimmer. I found that by diving under the surface of the sea, turning over, I was fascinated by the shapes floating above me. They seemed to touch both the sky and sea at the same time.

How would you describe the place of swimming and art in your life? Do these two rather different activities evoke different emotions?

These two places evoke the sense that anything is really possible. Certainly being inspired and involved with swimming and art, life merges into an endless quest for information.

I captured a creative #selfie with the "Bubbles".

Which one has more meditative qualities? Why?

The 5 minutes after the winter swim definitely causes the endorphins to induce a kind of meditation.

When you want to escape the hectic world, do you go swimming or start creating a new piece of art?

I try to escape the hectic world every day. I have found the exquisite pleasure of being on my own in silence. In fact, I need this in order to access the realm of creation.

What materials do you use to create sculptures?

When I am working in the foundry, I am using polished bronze with transparent coloured coating.

Do you endeavour to convey a certain message through your sculptures?

I am very concerned with the cleanliness of our oceans. I therefore try to portray the most economical of lines and colour.

"Bubbles", mixed media

What thoughts do you cultivate during the creative process?

I try to simplify down to the last line, the works of art. I definitely believe in "less is more".

You were born in Toronto, Canada, but grew up in Spain. Currently living in the South of France. Which country and culture do you identify yourself with? What have you learnt from each of them?

I left Canada when I was 2 years old. The stark, terrestrial lines of Southern Spain left a life-long desire for simplicity. Living in the South of France has brought a gentler tone to my work. The light has obviously attracted the greatest of artists over time and I am lucky enough to share these qualities.

Is it the first time you're exhibiting in London? Tell me more about the experience at Roy's People Art Fair. What have you taken away from it?

I have exhibited in London several times. Exhibiting at RPAF was a sheer joy. The range of visitors, the location on the River Thames, and the encouraging comments I received about my work – all of this made it a very memorable experience.

Is Roy's People Art Fair different from other art fairs?

I think that Roy's attention to detail prior to the fair opening, made this a memorable fair.

A display of Mediterranean-inspired artworks at Roy's People Art Fair 2018

What's in the pipeline for you? When can we see you next?

I am exhibiting at the moment in Osaka, Japan. I am also exhibiting in Beaulieu sur Mer and Monaco.

Do you think that satisfaction of being an artist grows with the number of people appreciating your art or would you be able to be a fulfilled artist without the attraction of public attention?

Part of the creative process is the recognition and appreciation from the public. In my case, this element definitely fulfils the sense of satisfaction. Buyers of my art are hugely important to me.

What are you thankful for in life, if thankful at all?

I am thankful for so many things and I try and encourage the awareness and appreciation of all small details that give me pleasure.


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