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Playing with Forms: Challenging Conventional Perception

Our thinking, all the tangible things we're holding on to how real are they? Written by the avid traveller from Mexico Eduardo Duran, to all the mighty mortals this book called "Playing with Forms" will come across as a disruption of the world's order. However, one shouldn't assume that the author is rambling about something unheard of. His thoughts resonate with such art world giants as Marina Abramovic and such physics geniuses as Nikola Tesla.

All of them put dimensions into spotlight making people question their limited senses and understanding. On the other hand, their ideas open the door to endless possibilities. So what exactly can the reader make of this book? I must admit, many of the stories written by Eduardo were mind-boggling to me so I decided to classify the ideas according to my personal agnostic beliefs.

Things Hard to Believe 🤯

Nietzsche was utterly incorrect – God is very much alive! Apparently in this life Jesus have gone incognito and is currently residing in India... As a woman. We all know the tale of Resurrection but c'mon, since when are we being told God is a female being?! People rarely doubt the sex of God but by worshiping beings without questioning the truth we're putting ourselves in jail of enforced perception. It's about time liberate our minds and admit there's more than one truth.

The other perplexing statement has almost made me doubt my favourite part of the day sunsets. According to this book we (and by "we" I mean the Earth) are situated inside the Sun. I won't go explaining how we've got there... Not that I know it all. But what if NASA has fooled us all and the organisation is only a charming narrator of cosmic fairytales? I mean how many of the facts presented to us we simply accept as the only truth? I hate to break it to you but that thing you've been losing your mind over might not be the ultimate answer, probably it's just an insignificant part of this fairytale, narrated by others, hopelessly lost in the e-t-e-r-n-i-t-y. So why bother at all?

Things I Want to Believe 🙏

Somewhere between the stories about ancient civilisations and open conversations with the author's guides (aka angels), I discovered that we, human beings, are literally pure, fluid light and this physical world is a mere hologram designed to make us feel secure and comfortable. I suddenly pinched myself ouch! My flesh seems to be very solid. As solid as a battery used in electronics.

"Imagine that the physical body is like a battery", – Eduardo suggests. He further explains that the essence of a human being isn't the battery, it's actually the electricity running through it. According to him, it's what makes human beings part of the universe: "The electricity running through the battery, is the same electricity running through every battery. We are all the same energy."

This allegory is particularly alluring when you think about life and death, about the individual experiences, confrontation and competition that has shaped the world as we know it. When I attempt to comprehend such fluid, renewable energy, this is where the cycle of the water ecosystem emerges in front of my eyes with all of its forms – oceans, ice, snow, rain, fog... I'd love to believe this is how human life circles, too so that we never ever have to think about the end again.

Things That Might Be Real 🤷‍♀️

"People are acting and they don't even know it", writes Eduardo. But what does it take to get down to the essence of human nature and start playing it real? Probably doubting the truth that's not yours is a good start. Doubt, in fact, leads to freedom of self-expression. Of course, free will is often to blame for many mistakes in this life but what's life without trying it all? So, masks off!

Last but not least... The most realistic assumption that's given credibility to the rest of Eduardo's experiences is actually proven by the world's history when you think about it: the problematic beings used to live on Mars. I mean, don't we have enough evidence?

All in All

It feels like a science fiction film. I raised my eyebrows many, many times but read it with curiosity and respect. In the world where we the Bible is still considered the main source of truth and on top of that is heavily misinterpreted, we have all the rights to create and believe in alternative realities provided that they don't hurt other beings. As weird as it sounds, Eduardo's story encourages every human being to think for themselves and lead authentic lives. Thumbs up to that!

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