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Updated: Jan 21, 2018

I was delighted to see so many familiar and yet new faces at my first solo exhibition "People Like Us", which has been opened at the Lithuanian Embassy in London. It displays acrylic and plaster of Paris bandage paintings, created in London and Lithuania over the past four years.

We are surrounded by people just like us – with similar emotions, inner experiences, albeit with different destinies. The heart of the exhibition focuses on human beings and their relationship with the environment and time. Family and solitude. Precious, pleasant and dramatic moments. Miracles, inner demons and reality.

All of this is influenced by the passage of time, which we perceive subjectively, through our personal experiences. Living in a time-pressured world, we often accept objectives imposed by the external environment and mistakenly identify them as our inner desires. Hence, a conflict arises between the external environment and the inner world. Wonderful if we are able to solve these conflicts ourselves. But what if we feel trapped in our current environment, whereas time passes by so quickly?

The exhibition "People Like Us" draws attention to human beings, who may be living in harmony, or still being lost, or thrown by fortune into certain situations, sometimes choosing solitude, sometimes being among people, sometimes with people.

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