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My Wholehearted Painting Donation for Ukrainian Children's Charity Event in London

Every painting has its purpose and its unique way of connecting with other human beings. The one that I'm holding here, "A Boy in Pink Shoes" (2019), is going to contribute to the provision of relief to war-affected Ukrainian children of 3-18 years. On the 15th of November 2023, the painting will be available for the charity auction at the Royal Hospital Chelsea in London, ultimately finding its way into the home of someone who'll keep it as a lasting memory of the day when he, she, or they made a bid for the brighter future of seriously suffering children.

Charity donation, Ukrainian children, contemporary art, london art, Zivile Kasparaviciute
Holding my "Boy in Pink Shoes" who's got a story of his own

The painting was inspired by the story about an orphan that I had heard on TV. No, it's not about the trouble with gender stereotyping. In this case, it's about how stereotyped possessions, if not chosen freely, might be an indication of one's misfortune.

"Pink sandals for a boy? So what! But in reality pink sandals for a boy... Can you see the difference? After all, you wouldn't make your son wear pink shoes," says TV host Rūta Mikelkevičiūtė.

The pink shoes in this painting signify the disposability of this little human being and the parental love and care he's deprived of.

When I decided to work on the "Boy in Pink Shoes", a well-known Van Gogh's "Eternity" pose crossed my mind so I adopted it for my own interpretation. Why? I guess at any age one might hunch and ask: "Is this for long is this for ever, is this for eternity?"

Cuts and stitches always tell a story of survival, of second chances, of endurance. Even though it's more convenient to throw it all away, to dispose of, to replace, to get it up to standard, I figured a ripped canvas can still find its place in the art world and tell a story of its own.

If you're passionate about saving Ukrainian children, you can contribute financially either by making a donation or buying a ticket to the exclusive event directly from the organiser's website.

Also, remember to spread the word and share this post with others! 💌 They might want to save a child, too.

acrylic painting, charity donation, zivile kasparaviciute, lithuanian artist, lithuanian painter
A Boy in Pink Shoes (acrylic on canvas, 2019)

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