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My First NFT Listed for Sale

Updated: Feb 18

Originally hand-painted with acrylics on a canvas board (2021, 60 x 50 cm), "In Her Wilderness" is now available to buy as NFT on OpenSea 🌿🌊

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"In Her Wilderness" against the backdrop of Lisbon, Portugal

The piece was inspired by my "Instagram" feed, where one feminist shared her thoughts on body positivity and acceptance. Indeed, over the centuries, the aesthetic perception of the body has changed like passing clouds, but people accustomed to criticising themselves somehow imagine that today's prevailing standards are the ultimate definition of perceived perfection, which, ironically, is a very subjective matter.

As subjective as any form of self-expression in different parts of the world.

For this reason spontaneous, bold brushstrokes laid with total freedom of gesture are celebrated as a way of conveying authentic body image.

The painting is part of Human Curves collection – open, fearless and bold characters.

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