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Leaving London behind might be sort of a sad end of an era but there is no time for heartache when Zürich, my new home, is thriving with cultural life. From Peruvian to Australian art, from sustainable artists to the lavish art festival – I've already discovered so many things to look forward to!

Here are some international art exhibition openings over the next two weeks that have caught my eye:

Teresa Burga "Aleatory Structures"

Migros Museum of Contemporary Art

Limmatstrasse 270, 8005 Zürich

25 May 6–8pm

6pm: Speech by Heike Munder (Director, Migros Museum für Gegenwartskunst) From 6.30pm barbecue party

Since the 1960s, the Peruvian artist Teresa Burga (born 1935) has created works that constitute a fine-grained record of the social realities of her time. As a female exponent of Latin American art, Burga was often ahead of her time in her creative practice. Due to the political situation in her native Peru, which long suffered under a military dictatorship and struggled with economic crises, she worked largely in isolation from the local and international arts scenes. Migros museum is offering a unique opportunity to see Burga's art in Switzerland.

Teresa Burga, Untitled, 1967

Brett Weir "Reminding Me That I Am Nothing More Than a Flash In Time"

TART Art Space

Gotthardstrasse 54, CH‐8002 Zurich

7 June 6pm

Australian abstract painter Brett Weir’s paintings act as nets to catch the cosmic energy of the universe, absorbing and then slowly releasing it in a shimmering glow of pure electricity. In his paintings one may find a world of dreams, longing and desire, lit from an internal source. Upon entering the field of Weir’s paintings the viewer apprehends a new cosmological sensibility that illuminates both the very greatest of life’s mysteries, and it’s most elusive—namely, the human soul.

Brett Weir's "Lunar Paintings"

Claudia Bühler and Jonas Morgenthaler "Turn Away & Set Yourself"

Art Container Project

Pfingstweidstrasse 70, 8005 Zürich

8 June 6pm

throw away! In her photographic work, Claudia Bühler (born 1991), addresses the recovery and waste of food. Fresh and beautiful vegetables in the supermarket at any time of the year - evergreen cucumbers, all red tomatoes the same size - pretend to us a beauty ideal that does not exist. The pretty picture is deceptive. The flip side of it is a waste of food. Sustainable contemporary artist Jonas Morgenthaler has been working on issues of networking and unity for some time. Based on an earlier work titled "Lebensfäden", an object made of wood and wire, the work is currently developing in the direction of a sculpture / installation, which also alludes and absorbs the specific characteristics of the artcontainer.

Claudia Bühler, throw away !, 2016

Zürich Art Weekend 2018

Various Locations

8-10 June

Museums, art centres, foundations, international galleries and offspaces will open their doors all weekend long, to propose a rich program of more than 50 events: exhibition openings in presence of the artists, guided visits by curators, high-level conferences and talks as well as live performances, curated tours around town, cocktail and dinner parties in prime locations.

Zürich Art Weekend: Jamie Isenstein, Mop Wig, 2016


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