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A Few Reasons to Immerse Oneself into Dalí's Cyberreality

I stood on the verge of the giant ship gazing at what looked like stars to me, and the endless precipice below the deck, fearing to take a step further. While I was trying to conquer my own irrational fear, suddenly the whole universe froze and vanished – my time was up.

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Dalí's metaverse experience.

Clearly, the ten given minutes weren't enough to explore the entire Salvador Dalí's metaverse, set up at the Boiler House in East London. It tested my senses but I missed all the marvellous stuff and luckily one of the kind staff members had offered us a second chance. This time I rushed right to the front of the deck to admire the giant moon, something that looked like a mermaid, glance at the rushing surrealistically enormous ants which didn't seem so scary to me after the short life in the Asian jungle. It was all so mesmerising until a gigantic red crayfish jumped from behind the ship and flew over us. Everyone collectively awed as if this creature was about to land on the deck and trample on us. WOW, I'm almost in a film scene! So here's one reason for you – BE part of the art! It does make you feel part of something way bigger.

Salvador Dalí, London exhibition, Boiler House
The digital displays of Dalí's paintings.

Before jumping into the metaverse we also got to perch on the beach chairs and watch Dalí's paintings go by. At some point the viewers were asked to put paper 3D glasses on which enlivened the experience. My dear friend found a leg flying toward us particularly funny, whereas I was taken aback by neat white balls rising toward the ceiling. True magic visualised! This experience wasn't timed so we could sit back and laugh for as much as we wanted. It's also the perfect spot to pause and engage in excessive daydreaming.

However, one has to deserve to transcend the physical reality. The exhibition actually starts with standard but contextually useful and even eye-opening information printed on the wall. I attempted to study this part carefully in spite of that pint of beer having kicked in. Apparently, Dalí's imagination was heavily driven by science, although I don't remember reading about it in his truly marvellous and witty memoir entitled "The Secret Life of Salvador Dalí, Told by Salvador Dalí".

Salvador Dali, London exhibition 2023
Posing next to the great master.

Overall, Dalí's character is full of surprises, saturated with unapologetic freedom, and zest for innovation and limitless fantasies. He was truly one of a kind and that shines through in any reality.

Open March – April 2023

Tickets – Dalí : Cybernetics / The Immersive Experience

Have loads of fun!

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