Having no formal art education I do not refer to academic art standards but am rather led by intuition – stylistically and thematically. My artworks tend to explore human temporality and passage of time, companionship and solitude as well as expose inner demons. They may also draw attention to self-consciousness and relentless quest for inner fulfilment.


To me, creative living is more than a practice of visual arts. It's the courage to live according to your own imagination, not someone else's normal standards. My blog focuses on the forms of free self-expression in all spheres of life – from individual lifestyle and career choices to culture and society. Please do give me a shout if you feel compelled to share your views about it!


There is a reason, why my writing and painting go hand-in-hand. I'm a philologist by degree. In 2011, whilst in my last year of Lithuanian Philology and Advertising studies at Vilnius University, I moved to London to have a swim in unknown waters. Right after graduation, I immersed myself in visual art. Life experience has proven that creative potential is a substantial part of my personal identity, which brings meaning into my life, empowers and keeps me sane in perplexing situations as well as enables to build bridges between the inner and outer worlds.


Solo Exhibitions:

2017    "The Empty Place Within", Chelsea Gallery, Old Town Hall, London, UK

2016    “People Like Us”, Alytus Cultural and Communication Centre, Alytus, Lithuania

2015    “People Like Us”, Business Centre “3 Bures”, Vilnius, Lithuania

2015    “People Like Us”, Embassy of the Republic of Lithuania to the United Kingdom, London, UK

Art Fairs:
2017 The New Artist Fair, The Old Truman Brewery, London, UK

Group Exhibitions:

2019    "Art Maze Exhibition" by "Exhibit Here", Oxo Tower, London, UK

2018    "TEXTiles Interpretations", Manuel Barbadillo Art Gallery, Malaga, Spain

Current Exhibition:

​From the 7th of December 2019 – onwards – coffee shop "Vagabond N7", 105 Holloway Rd, Islington, London N7 8LT

zivile profile pic.JPG
Love My Life, Snapchat, acrylic painting



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Should you have any questions or suggestions, or would like to contribute to the blog, please feel free to contact me via email zivilespieces@gmail.com or drop me a line:​

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