A visual diary of collective and individual emotions, observed in people that I encounter or come across on social media, also of life's ordinary details and, of course, self-reflection.


Although publicly available images can be used as a starting point, spontaneous brushstrokes and hues play a significant role in the painting process often dictating a theme I don't even ideate before starting a particular piece.


Another layer of meaning is usually attached by the viewer whose set of internal data containing deep personal turmoils or tranquillity narrates stories of its own. 


Currently ON DISPLAY:

🕥 Coffee house "Vagabond N7", 105 Holloway Rd, Islington, London N7 8LT, UK

🕥 Coffee house "E-spres-Oh", Rotušės a. 15, Alytus 62135, Lithuania

🕥 Beauty studio "Ina", Užnerio g., Kaunas 47484, Lithuania


Solo Exhibitions:

2017    "The Empty Place Within", Chelsea Gallery, Old Town Hall, London, UK

2016    “People Like Us”, Alytus Cultural and Communication Centre, Alytus, Lithuania

2015    “People Like Us”, Business Centre “3 Bures”, Vilnius, Lithuania

2015    “People Like Us”, Embassy of the Republic of Lithuania to the United Kingdom, London, UK

Art Fairs:
2017 The New Artist Fair, The Old Truman Brewery, London, UK

Group Exhibitions:

2019    "Art Maze Exhibition" by "Exhibit Here", Oxo Tower, London, UK

2018    "TEXTiles Interpretations", Manuel Barbadillo Art Gallery, Malaga, Spain

Acrylic artist, writer, painter, Lithuanian artist, contemporary artist, tekstų kūrėja, dailininkė, Živilė Kasparavičiūtė, lietuvių dailininkė, šiuolaikinis menas
Acrylic painting, živilė kasparavičiūtė, contemporary art
Acrylic painting, Michelle Obama, portrait, usa, united states, contemporary art, art for sale, affordable art
Moon Child, acrylic painting, lithuanian art, lietuviu menas, contemporary art, siuolaikinis menas, daile, tapyba, galerija, tapyba akrilu, portrait, portretas, art for sale, affordable art



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